The year is 2043. The gap between the rich and the poor has never been greater, as global conflict and economic instability have resulted in widespread chaos. But there remains one commodity that is still accessible to almost anyone, anywhere: technology.

    STATE OF SYN is the story of 26-year-old Annika Drake (JEWEL STAITE, Firefly; L.A. Complex), a young woman who is pulled deep into a twisted mystery surrounding her father’s former company – emerging tech giant Psylosense – after his unexplained death.

    Now run by his former business partner, Aslin Kane (DAVID HEWLETT, Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis), Psylosense is manufacturing a highly addictive new sensory experience called Vibe – a digital technology simulating an actual neurological condition called synesthesia – which is poised to become the new opiate of the masses.

    STATE OF SYN is an eight x five-minute 3D-enabled science-fiction motion novel for web, smartphone and tablet devices with an interactive companion game for iOS and Android devices. Combining live-action photography with animation, and beautifully designed hyper-real digital backgrounds, STATE OF SYN integrates traditional sci-fi storytelling with an immersive and highly original digital experience.

    • ANNIKA DRAKE (26)

      Annika is a serious kid. She studied Yiquan for years, so she’s athletic and dangerous, and her father’s genius has rubbed off on her, making her equally proficient with technology. Her mother died when Annika was four and the sudden death of her father might have crippled her completely if she didn’t find the first clue that his death was no accident. Now she’s on a mission to avenge him, and she’ll turn to her closet friends for comfort and help. Annika won’t rest until she finds out who or what was behind her father’s murder.

    • LUX (23)

      Lux is a no-nonsense hacker-chick – that look, that vibe, that haircut. She’s a devastatingly adept hacker, choosing to target and paralyze the corporations who most egregiously profit from the misery of others. She might have taken on Psylosense at some point if she wasn’t too afraid of the consequences. Beneath her iron-hard surface is a tender heart, not she’d ever let on. She’s too used to hiding behind sarcasm and her tough girl looks.

    • Hawk (24)

      Hawk is athletic, privileged, and confident. He’s recently become the official champion in the new world of immersive physical gaming – a whirlwind of strength and agility in a motion capture suit. Whatever game he’s immersed in – snowboarding, cage fighting or battle simulation – when he’s in the zone he’s unstoppable. But these days finding the zone is getting harder. Since he’s been living in the rarefied world of game champions he’s been out of touch with his friends, until Annika pulls him back into the here and now.

    • Philip Drake (52)

      While Philip dies in the first moments of the series, his presence remains deeply felt – especially by Annika. A man wholly dedicated to science, Philip leapt out of grad school and into an award-winning career with a succession of technology companies. His greatest triumph came with Psylosense, working on the Vibe project. Now, through the interactive clues he’s left behind, he attempts to guide his daughter toward the truth behind his murder.

    • Aslin Kane (43)

      Aslin is the CEO of Psylosense and Philip’s business partner. As the son of a communications tycoon, Aslin lived the privileged life from his first days. He grew up believing that humanity was fodder for his reveries until the day his father died and, due to massive litigation over the family fortune, Aslin was turned out onto the street to fend for himself. In his dealings with employees and the many charities that profit from his philanthroopy, he extrudes benevolence and distinguised charm. Is he blind to the evil within his own company or is there something menacing behind his perfect smile?

    • The Preacher (25)

      The Preacher leads and protects the group of Orphans who live in “The Mission” on the fringes of society. Preacher actively speaks out and organizes his campaign against the direction society has taken – towards artificially enhanced human connection, and the great division between rich and poor. He is a man of faith and conviction, a charismatic orator, an ass-kicking fighter, a brilliant mind, and a quick study.



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    Experience the adrenaline-pumping world of State of Syn: The World Outside. Test your puzzle hacking skills in this scenario-driven graphic-novel puzzle-adventure game that propels you into a dark and mysterious global thriller as you hunt down Marie Carrow, a ruthless villain who hides a twisted secret only you can unveil.

    In a world rocked by social inequality and power struggles between the rich and poor, the haves and have-nots, escaped research subject Sixty-Three — with the help of mysterious techno-activist Butterfly — seeks the truth of his origins… And perhaps, revenge.

    EXPLORE the State of Syn story world after being drawn into a dramatic mystery that requires cunning, courage, skill, logic, and the power of Synesthesia to solve.

    INTERACT with a range of media from video playback, to animated puzzles, to clues revealed through the power of Synesthesia, all set in a rich and highly stylized science-fiction environment.

    SOLVE over 30 puzzles to unlock the additional locations or use the power of SYNESTHESIA, or specialty KEYCARDS, to help find the solution.

    COMPLETE all 6 story-chapters to learn about the mystery of State of Syn: The World Outside.


    Amazing single click adventure
    Solve over a 30 unique puzzles
    Cinematic Audio Score
    Stunning immersive environments
    Special Synesthesia clue layer
    In-App-Purchase Keycard Packs
    Incredible Visual-FX
    Dramatic narrative written by award winning writer
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    iPad 3 and above
    iPhone 4, 4S, and 5
    iOS7 compatible
    Android Tablet

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